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About Government Contracting in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Government contracting carlsbad nm

Experienced contractors understand that working with government contracts is a whole other process. It involves a bidding process, but it also requires a company that is highly experienced and versatile in what they do. Government contracting in Carlsbad, New Mexico and other parts of the state, is an important part of the infrastructure we see every day. While many people often think of all roads and highways as constructed by the government, that is not always the case. The United States Department of Transportation builds a lot of our highways, but when it comes to other projects, it is private contractors and—often enough— it is local businesses like Constructors that build a lot of government-sponsored projects.

What it Means

The government is in a lot of ways the nation’s biggest customer. Each year, the federal government dishes out approximately $300 billion for everything from airplanes to zippers. A large part of this budget goes to roads and other infrastructure projects. Some of this is also state allocated and funded. Whether it is state or federal, a company that is able to meet the government requirements for safety and quality indicates a company that has the capacity to meet the needs of other customers. This means a company is not only competent, trustworthy, and efficient, but they are capable of complex projects with high standards.

Meeting the High Standards

Getting a government-funded project is not always easy. There is a lot of competition and given that the project has to meet a set of very strict guidelines, the stakes are high. There are heavy federal and state compliance standards that need to be met. For example, the government has roadway design standards, environmental standards, and safety standards that need to be met.

Environmental Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency has a lot of regulations that affect construction projects. When doing government contracting, companies need to comply with fierce environmental standards. This is important in the construction industry when doing excavation, buildings roads, and buildings. If the building or project takes up more than one acre of land then there are considerations with water, the Clean Water Act. When excavating soil, there might be issues with hazardous materials and this is another consideration. Many construction projects also have to consider the Clean Air Act that apply to construction activities. These are just a few examples of the many considerations that are part of regular contracting with the federal or state government.

The Bidding Process

Government contracting requires going through the bidding process. So how exactly does a private company build government funded projects? There is an entire process that has to happen before a company is able to take on a government job.

The government posts the job and companies put in a proposal. This proposal is composed of an estimate for the project cost. It breaks everything down from materials to blueprints and labor. Companies that win government bids must be established and have the capacity to fulfill the project as they indicate in their proposal. The government then looks at the best proposal based on cost, quality, and other factors.

The Constructors, Inc. Promise

As a third generation company, Constructors has been doing government work since the beginning. We pride ourselves in not only quality work, but in playing a role in our community. Constructors does government contracting in Carlsbad, NM and throughout the state, as we are dedicated members of this community and like to see our work come to life in the beautiful land of enchantment.

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