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Why Flex Base is Ideal for Paving Roads

Red road roller paving a new and fresh road.

Many people consider the asphalt on roads as concrete or simply as “gravel”, but some of the roads we find ourselves coming across are made with flex base to preserve its life and foundation. Flex base has its specific name for a reason: it is a flexible course material used for temporary roadways and driveways. Flex base is used temporarily because as roadways are being created and paved, it is still important to ensure the safety in which you can drive and travel on. There are many services flex base can provide to us. 

Working Around Freeze Drops

Freeze-thaw cycles are actually significant in being detrimental to road safety. As temperatures decrease in the wintertime, asphalt becomes tough and brittle, in which cracks and chunks of asphalt begin to take place. Flex Base is made to resist the hardships of the cold by sustaining its structure.

In Favor of Reducing Costs

Without testing asphalt and rock mixtures, you might find that you have purchased stone material that is too fine and soft, which then leads to fast deterioration. You can purchase flex base with a smaller amount of rock for a cheaper price and mix it with dirt material to create an effective product, nonetheless!

Long-Lasting Material

Although flex base is only meant to be used temporarily, it is actually the key essential in helping our roads stick around for a while. The flex base is a literal foundation supporting any impact that roads and driveways will inevitably face. By applying flex base, you lengthen the time of a road and it is less likely that it would need repaving.

Constructors, Inc.: Services Too Good to Pass Up

Here at Constructors, Inc., we strive to not only supply you with rock and stone material for constructive needs but as well as helping you apply the material in the best manner. Contact us today to paving roads for all!

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