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Construction Buddies: A Look at Three Essential Construction Site Vehicles

Even the greatest builders can use a little help from their friends. Construction wouldn’t be possible without the right equipment. Well, we suppose it might be possible to return to the way they built structures in Ancient Egypt, using pulleys and levers and thousands of laborers doing back-breaking work. No thanks! Time and technology have led to very practical and sophisticated machines that allow the job to be done without damage to the human spine.  Today, there are several heavy-duty vehicles that are seen in construction sites and that we call our work buddies.

Bulldozers — The Father of Excavation

Most people will know and be able to name a bulldozer when they see one. These are some of the most widely-used, multi-purpose, and highly functional machines found in any construction site. They are very powerful tracked vehicles that have great mobility and high resistance to muddy surface or terrain. Depending on the job at hand, these are used to clear shrubbery, push heavy objects, excavate, and remove the remains of buildings and structures. 

Graders — The Leveling Specialists 

These vehicles are often used for the construction of roads. They are big looking things —like scorpions—with two large tires in the front with a pair of two tires on each side on the back. The position of the blade is between the front and the rear axle. The operating cabin is found off the rear axle arrangement.  These suckers are used to level the soil surface when a road site is being prepared. They are also used for cutting and spreading material, as well as spreading of soils, trenching, ditching, and more.

Loaders — The Backbone of a Construction Site

Another essential in heavy equipment is the loaders. These guys are another favorite as they are known for their versatility and their ability to get many jobs done. They have the operating cabin in the middle of the two front tires and back tires. In the front is the big wide mouth, like a hungry hippo ready to lift anything in site. A loader’s main role is the movement of earth and soil. They can also be used to carry heavy objects from one side of the construction site to the other.

Constructors, Inc, Helping Build New Mexico One Structure and Road at a Time

Constructors, Inc has a long history in the construction business. Our company is a family-owned and operated construction company based out of New Mexico that has been passed down from generation to generation. Every generation we learn new things and grow to love our jobs even more. We love everything about what we do and are very proud to contribute to the building and rebuilding of our great state. From building schools, roads, to bigger construction projects, we get the job done right!

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