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What is Construction Management Today and Why It Matters

Most folks don’t think twice about the people that build their infrastructure, and many are not aware of the construction management necessary behind the scenes to make everything work smoothly. As a family-owned business, Constructors is well aware of the hard work and toil required to do this job. Our very company is built on generations of dedication to this work ethic and education. They might pass a construction site on their way to work, they might see a group of workers huddled along a worksite during lunch, but they may not know of the full-fledged structured operation that is required to keep those sites running smoothly.

The Heart of a Project

Any construction project will require of different aspects of the whole coming together. At the center is the construction management, the heart and soul of a project, who sets the pace, the spirit, and the tone of the entire operation.

Today’s construction managers are well-rounded, knowledgeable, and skilled people that understand the many angles and aspects of the industry. Many of them were past laborers that have worked their way up, some have a degree in construction science, and others learned to do the job hands-on. The knowledge of the modern construction manager includes:

  • Passion for building: Construction is a tough business and possessing a great love for construction and building is a must in this profession. Anything else will likely submerge people into a deep discontent day in and day out.
  • Communication skills: As the center of everything, a construction manager needs to communicate with workers, engineers, architects, and ensure that goals are clearly defined and articulated.
  • Natural leader: A project manager is not only involved in the planning but is also involved in the front lines of the work. This means, that they have to have strategic planning, but also an ability to motivate and lead the team into a successful execution.
  • Planning and strategy: This one goes without saying, but when managing a group of people, each with different functions, the manager needs not only to have a good understanding of each piece of the puzzle, but also have an ability to prioritize, organize, and plan. A good construction manager knows that no project is ever completed without some unexpected issue or complication. This is precisely why preemptive planning and experience are so important.
  • Safety: Construction management is also in charge of overseeing safety precautions and ensuring that regulations are being followed.
  • Math and IT skills: Project managers must have a plethora of technical skills including, but not limited to advanced math skills, knowledge of engineering, understanding of safety and government regulations, basics of utility coordination and installation, proficiency with the latest technologies and methods, blueprint reading, and fundamental architectural understanding.

Additional Qualities

In addition to the above practical skills, many of which can be learned and honed through years of experience, there are other qualities a construction manager should possess. There are not so easily learned in school, but rather natural attributes that sharpen over time.

  • Imagination: Construction has plenty of room for creativity. Imagination is an important part of the job as difficult problems will require creative solutions.
  • Problem-solving:  Construction projects are riddled with unexpected and unforeseen circumstances and the leader of the project should be able to solve these problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Decision maker: As the leader of the operation, a construction manager will often have to make decisions and should be comfortable making them firmly and efficiently.
  • Work ethic: A project is hard work and stressful. Work ethic is an important asset to any construction management team.

Good construction management translates as a safely and swiftly executed job in the field. It means nobody gets hurt, resources are not wasted, quality is a high priority, there are no shortcuts or cut corners.

Constructors has been in the construction business for generations. The people we hire are the best in the field and we take pride in knowing our field to better serve our customers.

Choose Constructors, Inc

When building something, there is no compromise on quality. We aim to get the job done effectively, in a timely manner, but with impeccable results. Construction management is an important part of what we do. The modern construction worker is not your average Joe, they have such a depth of knowledge and experience in different fields. They love to build and construct structures for a better community. We love to be part of the great tradition of building! Call Constructors today for all your construction needs. 

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