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Common Asphalt Issues and Repairs

A close-up image of a freshly paved road with yellow road lines in Carlsbad.Are you a Carlsbad home or business owner? Then the quality of your driveways and parking lots are integral to the appearance and success of your property. Neglecting your pavement’s well-being could put you and others at greater risk of potential vehicle damage and distress. Let’s look at four of the most common asphalt issues and solutions provided by professional contractors.

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   1. Potholes

One of the most common and dangerous issues is potholes. Often left unseen until the last millisecond, potholes in the Southwest develop from heat-caused deterioration. They begin, first, from cracks—often alligator cracks that then begin to chip away. These developments allow water in, eroding the layers beneath, and with the heavy weight of passing-by vehicles, the top layers sag and deteriorate. 

    2. Cracking

Problems often begin with minor inconveniences, as we’ve just learned with potholes. The types of cracking issues for asphalt can be easily identified in nearly any place you go. Some additional examples of cracking types are:

  • Linear
  • Edge
  • Block
  • Transverse
  • Joint Reflection and more

It’s important to identify that the five key factors to cracking problems in asphalt are climate, moisture, UV exposure, vegetation, and oil and chemical spills. While not all of these can be easily fixed, you can take preventative measures and work with a local paving expert to learn what actions to take to protect your property.

    3. Rutting

Rutting is a linear surface depression shaped and formed by the weight of wheel tracks. It is caused by insufficient thickness in the pavement, a lack of compaction from the road’s base, the introduction of moisture, or weak asphalt mixes. The curvature of this issue causes water-build up, creating an issue of hydroplaning in bad weather. 

    4. Raveling

Have you ever gone for a run and managed to kick up plenty of loose gravel and wondered where it came from? Raveling is the breakdown of pavement. As the thickness of the pavement diminishes, gravel begins to scrape against the ground, slowly destroying the asphalt and creating a pathway for water to seep into. This not only makes for an inconvenient run with gravel in your shoes and can result in uneven surfaces and depressions.

Asphalt Remedies

Though it may seem like potholes, cracking, rutting, and raveling are inevitable, plenty of resources are available to get your pavement back in shape. Maintain the curb value of your home and the desirability of your business by working with a professional team specializing in asphalt and pavement repairs

Typical asphalt solutions involve removing and replacing the deteriorating area by sawing out the area and refilling it with a high-quality asphalt mixture. Another alternative is a process called skin or surface patching, where a layer of thin, freshly mixed asphalt is placed on top of the deteriorated or weathered pavement. With these professional solutions, you can guarantee the common problem won’t be so common anymore.

Don’t Let Your Pavement Crack; call the Experts Today!

If you’re looking to make improvements to your Southwest property, consider working with a highly skilled and experienced team in parking lot and asphalt paving. Based in Carlsbad, New Mexico, our team at Constructors Inc. specializes in supplying the best processes and high-quality materials for your property. So call us at 575-885-8838 or connect with us online for long-lasting asphalt repairs.

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