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The Splendor of Human Construction: Building for Beauty and Functionality

Why do we build? This question is at the center of why we love what we do here at Constructors, Inc. As we’ve explored in the past, the building of structures is a human necessity, as we require shelter to shield from the elements. Then one thing leads to another and as we construct shelter, we require roads to move outward, to explore, to reach new heights. The reason we build is the same reason why we explore new frontiers. Human beings have a natural impetus to create and know the world around them.

Legos are perhaps one of the most popular and best-selling toys in the world. They sell year-round and attract children of all ages, including adults. So even as children, we understand that building is a way to express something so innately human and necessary.

When it comes to building new structures, there are typically two broad concerns that occupy the mind of great builders everywhere. One is the question of functionality; included in this is, of course, notions of safety and performance. In other words, how do the structure and its design serve the purpose of what the building is intended for. Another is the question of aesthetics and beauty, as tradition of architecture from early civilizations have always concerned themselves with making their places of worship, museums, or palaces to impress the human eye.

The story of the Tower of Babel is commonly used to illustrate several key ideas. One way the story is read is to describe the arrogance of mankind in its ambitious attempts to reach higher power by traversing the boundaries between the human and the divine. This type of traversal, of course, was not acceptable to God. The story has other profound messages and implications of course. The main one being the dispersion of mankind with the separation of languages. In any case, the story is interesting to consider, simply due to the idea that even in ancient times people saw structures as a way to reach new heights.

How We Reach Great Heights With Our Buildings

Places of worship have always had a sense of beauty and divine, as we see from ancient churches and cathedrals. Architects of these buildings always had the functionality and the aesthetic aspect in mind. These places had to stand up to the standards to be a place of prayer and a house of God.  Perhaps one of the most well-known examples includes the Sistine Chapel. While the building itself is not particularly extraordinary, it was the time taken for the aesthetic appeal that really made it transcendent. Michelangelo’s artwork is surely a sight to take in and one that still captivates those who set eyes on it. Another such structure is St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, UK. This is the masterpiece of one of England’s better well-known architects, Christopher Wren. This was the first cathedral to be built after the English Reformation in the sixteenth century.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Surely if you haven’t been there, you have seen photographs of the famous leaning tower of Pisa. The tower has a fascinating history all of its own, as it is a testament to how our buildings often reflect history itself. While there is some controversy as to who was the initial architect of the tower, we know that building began in August of 1173, but was stopped midway due to the onslaught of several wars. During these intersessions, the tower began leaning as its foundation allowed the tilt to begin happening. The construction of the tower lasted almost 200 years as several interruptions due to wars kept it from being completed.

It would take a lot longer to name all of the incredible structures man has constructed since the beginning of time. The list is expansive and it travels from ancient Europe, the Middle East, to the New World. Each structure built is a testament to man’s ingenuity, imagination, and ability to manipulate materials in order to build. And yet, the world is constantly looking for new structures that are both functional and beautiful. There is no limit to what man can achieve in terms of constructing the world around them.

So, if you haven’t stopped and thought about the wonders that surround you in your city, your state, and beyond, we invite you to think about the incredible potential of human beings when it comes to visualizing new things and then bringing them to fruition. Constructors, Inc follows the tradition of construction by always improving the approaches, techniques, and materials we use.

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