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The Importance of Compliance in Government Contracting

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Carlsbad government contracting in the construction industry requires a lot of physical and mental effort. In addition to large-scale jobs that take months or years to complete, there’s also a lot of compliance work involved. 

The main reason that compliance is important with government contracting is because of how it affects the general public. After all, the government uses taxpayer dollars for their construction and contracting work, and they want to ensure it’s money well spent. Constructors, Inc. is here to help you learn more about this. Contact us online or call (575) 885-8838 today.

Government Contracting Compliance Requirements 

Because of how seriously the government takes taxpayer dollars, there are a number of hurdles to jump through for a contractor to become compliant for government contracting. 

Federal Acquisition Regulations 

The first, and hardest step to being compliant for government contracting is to meet the standards of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The FAR is a massive 2,000-page document containing everything from ethical standards to proper practices and more. Meeting the standards of the FAR is difficult but not impossible when you’re determined to do so. 

Code of Ethics 

While the FAR is the primary document for compliance standards and contains some technical requirements, there’s a separate code of ethics that government contractors need to follow. The code of ethics for government contracting includes: 

  • The Federal Anti-Bribery Statute 
  • The Anti-Kickback Act 
  • Procurement Integrity 
  • Conflict of Interest 

These codes of ethics are intended to keep government contracting in Carlsbad from offering or accepting bribes, making false promises, being impartial, and more. 

Additional Compliance Requirements

In addition to the FAR and the codes of ethics, there are additional compliance requirements for government contracting. 

  • Undergoing federal procurement ethics training 
  • Acknowledgement that you won’t accept contingent fees 
  • Receiving the proper certifications and undergoing special audits

If you can adhere to and follow each of these requirements, you can begin government contracting in the construction industry. Contact us to learn more! 

Potential Penalties for Violating Compliance Contracts 

In addition to the stringent requirements of becoming a government contractor, there are also stark penalties for those who violate compliance standards. Your penalty will depend on what rule you violate and how severely. However, it can include fines, penalties, criminal sanctions, and even prison time! Therefore, it’s essential to remain compliant at all costs. 

Choose a Compliant Contractor for Government Contracting Jobs 

If you’re in the government and looking for a construction company that takes compliance as seriously as you do, Constructors, Inc. is the team for you. We’re one of the top contractors in the Carlsbad area for government contracting jobs, and our reputation is second to none. Call (575) 885-8838 to get started.

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